[AUDIO] Toya Wright Denies Rumors That She’s Beefing With Tiny + Why Her Husband Isn’t Threatened By Lil Wayne

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Like a number of past and current reality stars, Toya Wright, has her hands in all type of business ventures, including lipstick lines, book deals and hair lines. This week, the ex-wife of Lil Wayne stopped by Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 talking about all thee above, including a rumor that she and her ex-reality colleague Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottles (they starred in the BET reality show ‘Tiny and Toya’) are feuding these days. The 32-year-old also explained that although her relationship with Wayne and his baby mamas is strange to the public, it not only works for her, but her husband Memphitz is TOTALLY secure. She also gave an update on the reality show that she and her hubby have been shopping around. Check out a few excerpts of the interview.

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The latest on the Reality TV show that her and Memphitz were pitching (called ‘Crazy in Love’):
Me and my husband shot a pilot, but he has some other things going on with the network, so it’s kinda like if it happens it happens, if not, I’m not tripping I’m still working.
If she plans to have a child with her husband:
I’m tryna finish everything up. I’m working on my second book….I just got a new book deal with Cash Money Content. So I’m finishing up my second book…I’m tryna get that all the way first. Once we get the business is out the way, yeah, them babies gon’ come–later.
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How Memphitz and Wayne having a great relationship and how her relationship with her current and ex-husband’s baby mamas works well for their blended family:
That’s my family. They’ve been my family forever. And my husband understands. One thing I love about him, none of that intimidates him. It’s weird, it’s a situation that no one understand and get. But that’s our situation and we ALL are cool. Wayne baby mamas, Memph–everybody. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
toya wright-denies beefing with tiny-the jasmine brand
If she has issues with Tiny:
What? That’s crazy. Tiny is like my big sister. We talk ALL the time. Like Tiny and I … we probably about to do something real soon. Just because every time we get together, we don’t Instagram. I just was with her. There’s no beef EVER. I don’t beef with my friends. That’s petty. That’s childish. I love all my friends. We all workin’ tryna et this money. Please no beef over here.

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