[INTERVIEW] Meagan Good Weighs In On ‘Preachers of LA’, Talks ‘Anchorman 2’ + New Girl Group Phenix Rose

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We recently chatted with actress Meagan Good, catching up with her at Nick Cannon’s ‘Back to School’ event in Los Angeles. The Cali-bred Hollywood star chatted about her new girl group (Phenix Rose), along with her opinion of Christian’s venturing in the reality TV realm and upcoming projects (‘Anchorman 2’, ‘Baggage Claim’ and ‘Think Like A Man Too’). Watch the interview below.

So I have the very talented Meagan Good – how are we doing today?

 I’m doing great today!

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So let’s talk about this very talented girl group that you put on your stamp behind, why them?

You know, I wanted to create a group that was a teenage-aged, like to speak to the women of this generation, the young girls and kind of meet them at that level and be honest about who they are – they’re not Disney kids, you know? But they love The Lord, they’re good girls and they want to put out positive affirmation on morals and values. If you listen to the words of their songs, they talk about getting it on the floor and being sassy and cute, but they also follow it up on the ‘Don’t be mistaken, my cookie jar is not open’. And so, it’s important I think, to meet the youth where they are and then also give them something that can help them in their future, help them as young women to better value themselves, to love themselves a little bit more and demand the respect they deserve. I’m trying to make it swagged out and I try to let the girls authentically be who they are and I’m just really proud of them. It’s just the beginning so I’m excited – my little sister’s in the group – she raps and she sings and so it’s pretty amazing.

So we’re keeping it in the family but with a touch of Jesus and Christianity?


Okay, so I have to ask you about Christian’s venturing in the reality TV realm. Have you heard about the new show, ‘Preachers of L.A’?

I have, yes.

What are your thoughts? 

You know, I have a good friend that was part of that show, part of the creation. And I know that her spirit is incredible, her intention is only for positivity so I don’t know what the show actually looks like. I don’t know what to expect but my prayers – my fingers are crossed and I believe in God that he’s going to have his way with it – whatever that’s supposed to be, you know?

A few more questions – random – where do you go to be alone?

In my car. I listen to music in my car and just driving around like the canyon, listen to my little gospel music. I have this song by Kim Walker-Smith and it’s called ‘Heaven Touching Earth’ – oh no it’s called ‘Spirits Break Out’.  And it’s just the most refreshing and peaceful drive up Laurel, listening to that song. That’s how I get along and get a peace of mind.

 If you could ask God one question, and he would answer it loud and clear like, “Hey! Meagan!”, what would YOU ask? 

What else can I do to make you proud, Lord?’

Let’s talk about your latest projects–Anchorman, Think Like a Man Too, etc.?

Gosh, I’ve just finished the ‘Anchorman 2’, comes out in December and I’ve just finished ‘Think Like a Man 2’ that comes out in June. I’m waiting for the next project, just looking for something that I’m excited about that is a little different. I really got to do comedy this year which is been like – I was praying about it last year like, “Lord I really want to do some comedy!” and as you know he answers prayers, so… Now I’m like, I really want to do some action so watch me when I tell you that I’m getting ready to do some action and I’m just waiting for the jobs.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta