New Cup Cakin’ Alert: Omarosa’s Got A New Man! Dating Professional WWE Wrestler Titus O’Neil

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Omarosa (real name Omarosa Manigault) has a new man y’all! According to People, the Celebrity Apprentice contestant has found a new love, since the death of her late fiance, Michael Clark Duncan. Thanks to TV/media personality Jawn Murray (who played matchmaker), she’s fell for 36-year-old WWE star Titus O’Neil. Apparently, they were introduced by Jawn (who is friends with both of them) at the WWE Superstars of Hope Party in Beverly Hills in August. A source tells People:

She’s been really apprehensive about dating since Michael died. But everyone who loves her has been encouraging her to step out and try it again. So far, things seem to be going good. They seem really happy together.

Although Omarosa and Titus live in separate cities (he’s in Tampa, while she lives in Los Angeles) they make their long-distance relationship work by video-chatting often. Cute!

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