[WATCH] Robin Thicke Talks Infamous Fan ‘Booty Grab’, Miley Cyrus Performance & Marvin Gaye Lawsuit On Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’

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Sunday night, Robin Thicke chatted with Oprah Winfrey for her ‘Next Chapter’ series. The Cali-bred singer opened up about his controversial MTV VMA performance (with Miley Cyrus), the much buzzed about photo that circulated of him ‘copping a feel’ (he allegedly grabbed a fans booty), his lawsuit with Marvin Gaye and more.

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Check out a few excerpts from the interview.

Paula’s reaction to the ‘Blurred Lines’ video: 

Paula is a wonderful, artistic partner. She’ll go right for supporting the art, and then she’ll be a jealous wife. She’s my creative partner….my muse. Of course when you see the video back and you see your husband romping around with three topless girls…Theres’ gonna be some jealousy.

If he got jealous of the love scene Paula did with Denzel Washington in the movie, ‘2 Guns’: 

I get jealous too…No, I’m more jealous of the action…It’s more the sharing of the two people having that moment…once I see it back, you gonna feel the pretend of it…When you’re at home and she’s three thousand and miles away…’I’m rubbing my ta-tats against Denzel tomorrow….’

His thoughts on his MTV VMA with Miley Cyrus: 

That was the plan…Miley and I knew what we were gonna do…It’s funny at rehearsal, it seemed a little more playful, it seemed a little cuter…She had already set the stage…by the time I walked out, I was in the circus already….that’s is exactly who she is. She dances like that. She parties like that…We started playing the song, the first thing she did was start bending over and twerking….I wasn’t offended by it personally…..To me, this is wacky, this is funny to me…To me, I’m not thinking sex, I’m thinking fun….I’m not really paying attention to all that….I go listen, ‘I’m not the twerke…I’m just twerked upon….’

Paula’s reaction after the VMA performance: 

We went out, had a good time….She’s like ‘What is everybody talking about?’ She wasn’t offended. We were both very surprised the next time from the results….Young people, they seem to love it….

How an offensive line about women in a GQ Magazine interview as a bad joke, taken out of context:

Bad joke…bad comedian…I was doing a Ron Burgondy impersonation…I was literally joking…No context. Terrible joke…We kept joking…

How he and Paula make their relationship work in Hollywood:

It’s you pretty much take it one day at a time…You have to love them every day…The thing is, people are changing every day….Just meaning that, we’re no different than any couple out there….somehow there’s this big bang theory that pulls us close to each other….

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His response to the photo circulating of his hand on a girl’s butt: 

Yes, yes, well…maybe some trick photography was involved there…Let’s just say it 3:30 in the morning…it was a joke that got filmed….Yes, it’s never easy once it’s in the press….I think that’s what you hafta deal with in the celebrity type marriage…Let’s just say everyone had a good time that night.

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If he and his wife will have another child: 

I don’t think so…We kinda nailed this one…Her career is blossoming…He is are good luck charm…

If the controversial lawsuit with Marvin Gaye will be settled out of court: 

I sure hope so…You know how weird it is to be in battle with my idol?

Check out a few highlights from the event:

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