You’re Fired! Deion Sanders Gets Pink Slip From His School AGAIN

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Maybe Deion Sanders is taking a page out of Steve Jobs book with his recent termination. According to EurWeb, only three months after he was fired and rehired from the same job, the 46-year-old retired NFL’er has been fired again. Reportedly, last week (December 3), Prime Prep Academy released a statement that the Hall of Famer was let go. This comes following a report by the Dallas Morning News that the school’s finances were attracting attention from the state’s education department. Deion told WFAA-TV:

I just dreamed of having the best academic and athletic institution in the country, and we are going to have it. We are going to have it… we just have to get this mess out.

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He added:

This is nonsense. We are sick of it, the kids don’t deserve it. Over-paid, under-qualified administrators never worked in a school in their life. We have a formula to restore what the was the dream at Prime Prep.

While no formal investigation has begun from the department of education, a student walkout in protest of the school’s football coach co-founder’s firing did occur. The school that was named loosely on his career nick name “Prime Time” continues to have more problems then a little bit. A month ago, the other half of Sanders’ founding team, D.L. Wallace, resigned November after a parent-filled room of complaints resonated within their school board meeting. We’re hoping the best for the school and the founders.



Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta