Rapper Trina Refers to French Montana As A ‘Donkey’, Calls Him Immature + I Still Have Keys To His House! [VIDEO]

Trina Blasts French Montana-Relationship With Khloe Kardashian-the jasmine brand

Just don’t be a donkey, cuz right now, you on some real donkey sh*t! -Trina on French Montana

As you’ll know, there are always three sides to the story and today friends, Trina is sharing her version of a messy, public break-up. After her split from French Montana, the rapper has said very little about their split. In most interviews, she’ll spill a bit of insight on their relationship, but back-peddle by trying to take the high-road. Today, she visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and vented about how frustrated she is about French’s comments about their relationship. During the conversation, Trina goes into detail about how they met; how she held him down and is somewhat responsible for his popularity; and how she feels about him moving on with Khloe Kardashian.

What She Considered Their Relationship: 

Well, we really was not in a relationship. Let’s be clear about that. I never told him that I was your girl. There’s a lot of reasons….He’s got a lot of growing up to do….I could come up here and expose you and bash you, but I’m much better than that.

Their Relationship Status:

We were friends…A relationship to me starts from a friendship…He had a situation, he was going through a divorce….That was one of the reasons why I never really got into a relationship w/ him…It was a lot of back and forth….

Helping Him Through the Divorce: