[INTERVIEW] Gabrielle Union Gives Relationship Warning Signs: ‘Recognize the obvious signs!’

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A few days before Dwyane Wade popped the question, we caught up with Gabrielle Union at the Being Mary Jane screening. In addition to chatting with her about the new season, we ironically asked her to weigh in on relationships and give advice on red flags for women to be aware of. Later, she and her fiancee announced that the Miami Heat forward had fathered a child outside of their relationship, during a break. Check out our conversation below.

What can we expect with this new season? 

A lot of excitement, a lot of drama and a lot of sex. A lot of bad decisions on Mary Jane’s part. God bless her. She can’t get right. But its good, within one episode you might be wanting to hug her, wanting to cuss her out, cheering for her, wanting to slap her. Then at the end of the day say, ‘Can you just get right, can you just make some good decisions? So we’re just along with her on this journey of trying to have it all an kinda failing miserably.

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On the pilot, Mary Jane has a difficult time of knowing when to let go in terms of relationships, which is pretty normal for a woman. How does a woman know when its time to let go? 

Um, when they don’t call you back. No. If you ever have to put ‘never answer‘ in the phone, that may be a good sign that relationships run its course. If you don’t look forward to seeing them. If the relationship starts to feel like a job could be a sign. A lot of times as women, we look at men as a carton of milk and we see the expiration date come and gone. Its spoiled and now its curdled and its damn near blue cheese and we’re still like, ‘No I can put it on my cereal, it’s still good’, I’ll just stir it around and add some water.’ It’s done. Throw it away. It’s gonna make you sick. We just have to recognize the obvious, obvious signs.

Is there one quote that you live by everyday? 

Bad things happen to people everyday, you’re pains not unique. Now what?

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