[VIDEO] Wale Admits Having A Girlfriend (Sorta), Refuses To Give Her A Title

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We know about his music and his emotional (some say iratic) side, but rapper Wale has been very mum about his love life. Last year, the 29-year-old Nigerian (born Wale Folarin) was linked to a mysterious Seattle woman named Chloe Alexis Jourdan but info on their relationship was pretty scarce. This week, the DC native stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new documentary, ‘Wale: Where I’m From’ currently airing on Diddy’s Revolt TV. While there, Wale once again played coy about his love life although admitted their is ‘someone very special’ in his life. He also discussed being paranoid about relationships and detailed the types of women he likes.

wale-rumored girlfriend-chloe alexis-the jasmine brand

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Peep the excerpts and watch the clip below.

On rumors that he’s been dating a woman for two years, that he’s referenced on his songs: 

I got somebody special in my life. Last time we talked I told you I didn’t have anybody that don’t mean I got a girlfriend. I got somebody special in my life.

On why he doesn’t officially make her his ‘girlfriend’: 

Because I’m paranoid, I’m scared. What you mean? Everybody can’t have it as good as you…You gotta [have the relationship] from the grind up. [To DJ Envy] if you’re a single man right now you gonna see how things change.

On what makes her special but not enough to have the title ‘girlfriend’:  

She’s special to me…I could easily ruin somebody life. Even now with this part of this interview, they’re gonna be googling.

On if they’ve been together so long, why the woman in question hasn’t shared any photo of them on Instagram: 

We’re not together. That’s what I’m trying to say…I’m not trying to insult nobody….I’m ouctchea right now. Everybody got feelings, I got feelings.

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On if he feels like he might miss out on something because he’s too scared to lock it down:  

That’s the demon and the angel. The rich and the fame..The highs and the ups and the downs. That’s all in the album I dropped.

On if she pressures him for a committed relationship: 

This person that you’re talking about right now who may or may not exist,  is gonna be bothered. You’re ruining somebody life right now..Everybody ain’t ready for VH1. Everybody ain’t ’bout that life. Some people like a normal life, yo. Now that we’re talking, let’s talking about the type of woman I like. I like a girl that don’t exist to this world. That rebukes every part of this world. Regular. I want the most extra regular girl in the world. I want her to be in college or just getting out  of college or even trying to figure it out but just passionate about something. I don’t want her know who none of these girls are. I don’t want her to have [or] nobody over 50,000 followers on Instagram is…I’m crazy enough. I don’t need anybody who is in this game. I’ve played with them [women in the industry]. We play. They know we play I flirt with them, they flirt with me. We play…It’s cool to play cause it makes the music interesting.

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Photo: Bossip

Geesh! We’re even more confused than we were initially. Anywho, watch the entire interview below.

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