[VIDEO] Wiz Khalifa Admits Sebastian Loves His Music

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This week, rapper Wiz Khalifa has been doing quite some running around town in showcasing some new music for the spring. Promoting his new single  “We Dem Boyz” and the official video for his collaboration with MGK “Mind of a Stoner“, the Taylor Gang general also previewed another new song titled“Drop It Down On It” for the BigBoi’s Rikki Martinez at Los Angeles station, Power 106. In addition to chatting about new music, Wiz discussed his collaboration with brit singer, Adele, what married life is like with Amber Rose and Sabastian and identifying male ‘T.H.O.T.’s (That Ho Out There) and groupies. Check out a few excerpts below.

On if he’s still approached by groupies: 

Yea dudes are THOTS for sure. [I] be like, man get this thottie outta here!

On being a family man:

Of course, family first for me because thats where come from; a really strong foundation. Even if Sabastian doesn’t get into the life of media and music, I want him to know me as his normal parent and right now is where you establish that time, so I’m going in.

On what inspired his track, “We Dem Boyz”:

Yea, Detoe actually brought me that record. He’s a great producer. He’s worked with Drake, Nicki , Wayne, Beyonce and he’s a really turnt up individual. He just brought that out of me with that song. He just brought to the table ‘We Dem Boyz’ and I just jumped on with him; like lets get it and that’s how that thing came to be.

On Sebastian listening to his music:

Yea he loves it. We Dem Boyz is his favorite song. Actually, today Amber had to pick him up today and sing We Dem Boyz to make him happy. Yea he loves it.

On future collaborations with Snoop: 

Yea we’re working on High School 2 actually. Were going to start filming really soon and working on the soundtrack as well, but in the next few months were going to film it.

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On if he celebrates Valentine’s Day: 

Absolutely. I try to plan at least one of those a week where its like work all week and then I spend a few days with the baby and then its like ‘OK Amber this is your day’. When you’re a couple, you don’t always want to do the same exact things. We come together and those are our days to just try to find something in between where we’re both happy and we can enjoy ourselves.

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