[WATCH] Wendy Williams Says She’s Not Fighting With NeNe Leakes: People Love To See Black Girls Fight

wendy williams-im not fighting with nene leakes-people love to see black girls fight-the jasmine brandA day after NeNe Leakes made her debut on Dancing With the Stars, Wendy Williams set the record straight on her ‘purple chair’. On Tuesday (March 17), Wendy set the record straight on the Wendy Williams Show, clarifying comments predicting that NeNe would not win the competition.

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She started of the segment, complimenting the Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, saying: 

She danced fabulously! Yep, when she pooched her lips I knew that she was really having fun with it, instead of dancing with the ‘Struggle Face’, which I danced with.
When the audience laughed, she joked back:
Uhhh, don’t feel sorry for me, I have a talk show!
She explained that she wasn’t singling NeNe out, but was giving her overall opinion on who had a chance to win.
She also noted that the blogs and media may have embellished her comment, adding that perhaps it something to do with both of them being African American women. She explained:
So NeNe did a great job. But you know, here’s where some of the blogs get it twisted and I get it. That’s why I’m glad I have this show; to be able to clear up when information is out there about me. For instance, a lot of the web sites are saying, that umm ‘Wendy Williams Slams NeNe Leakes Telling Her She Won’t Win Dancing With the Stars‘. Well, if you’re a regular Wendy watcher, I told them all they won’t win. But I get it. People love, people enjoy when black girls fight with one another. But I’m not fighting with NeNe. NeNe, hopefully you’re watching or somebody will tell you–you’ll get this correct. I always predict whose gonna win Dancing With the Stars. Now, I’m not saying I’m right. All I’m saying is no, NeNe’s not gonna win but neither is Billy Dee Williams…
NeNe has yet to respond. What are your thoughts on Wendy’s comments? Is the friction between NeNe and Wendy deeper than this one issue or did we (*raises hand*) intensify their alleged beef.

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