Fabolous Shares Footage Of DoorDash Driver Stealing From His Vehicle


Fabolous Shares Footage Of DoorDash Driver Stealing Items From His Vehicle

Fabolous might have just experienced the worst DoorDash service of the year!

Earlier this week Fabolous, born John Jackson, shared a video online via a now-deleted Instagram post of an unidentified person exiting one of his vehicles with his personal items in their hands. According to the “Make Me Better” rapper, the person is a DoorDash driver who was in the area to deliver a food order for one of his neighbors. However, the driver seemingly decided to give themself a tip with items stolen from Fabolous’car. Thankfully, Fabolous, 44, has security cameras surrounding his property and was able to capture the entire incident on film. Reportedly, at one point during the impromptu heist, the robber notice the cameras and flipped them off.

Fabolous posted the concerning footage online and wrote,

“Yesterday afternoon a DOOR DASH DELIVERY GUY bringing a order to someone else in NEW JERSEY decided to STEAL me & my Son’s sneakers & clothes out of my car !!!”

He continued,

“I’m giving the opportunity here & now to whoever this dude is to return the stuff stolen. I will take it back with no consequence, & let it slide. IF NOT, i have plenty of video footage, the delivery car info, the Door Dash pick up info & even will reach out to door dash & get all information involved with the driver/vehicle. If you know this guy or this is your family or friend u should holla at him to return it ASAP. YALL CAN DM ME & this will be handled & left as a mistake or opportunity.”

Fabolous ended his post by letting the robber know the “police and DoorDash will be contacted” if the items weren’t returned. He added that he hopes whoever is responsible realizes that a “few pairs of sneakers and two jackets” isn’t worth the jail time they are facing.


It’s unclear if the robber has been captured yet or if the stolen items have been returned.


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel