[AUDIO] August Alsina Explains His Real Issues With Trey Songz: He’s Petty!

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August Alsina is not your average attractive R&B singer that’s all about the ladies and sex, but instead he’s using his voice to speak on his troubled upbringing. Some suggest that the New Orleans native is very peculiar with his approach to the industry as he’s very ‘hood’ and despite his first single being sexual and lady catering, he’s not soft. Previously, we reported that there’s been a beef brewing between the new singer and fellow crooner Trey Songz. Apparently a duo show went south between the singers due to Songz “ego and attitude” and ever since then, they “just don’t rock”. Over the weekend August caught up with Philly Morning Show with Shamara and Laiya and the ladies cut right the Def Jam signee’s fued with Songz. Check out what the newcomer had to say about the Virginia native.
August Alsina and Shamara
Do you think that older cats who have been in this game who have paved the way for you are disrespectful toward you?
Not all.
Then why so much emphasis on I’m a real n—
I don’t know if it’s so much emphasis like that like you owe me anything. I don’t give a f-what you did in your life or how hard you worked for something. You could be a homeless person, everyone should be respected the same. That’s not what I’m saying at all.
August Alsina
Do you think that some artists who have been in the game longer than you try to “son” you?
For a long time you are going to be paying your dues. It’s about respect. You respect a person. You respect a man as a man and you respect a woman as a woman. Period. I don’t give a f- what you’ve done in your life—it’s about respect and you have to give it to get it. 
On the topic of Trey Songz because there was a similar sound and feeling and people even say there is a resemblance that there should be a little more respect for Trey?
August Alsina Instagram
You were recently in VA, who were you referring to when you posted on Instagram “I’m in VA n—got the bus movin all thru da hood. Yo hood LOL”
First of all I was doing an interview and I heard something that I didn’t like. I don’t have a problem with no body. The word “beef” we not goin do that [be]cause n- die when n- beef. My n— always say ‘you are better off fighting AIDS or Cancer before you beef with me and my n—‘ and that’s just what it is. I be playing it cool with n— but when you tell someone something to try and take away from my money and that’s [how] I feed my family then it becomes personal. Like don’t call the radio station and tell nobody ‘please don’t let him do an inteview because blah blah’.  I would never do that to the next man because this how we feed our family. I don’t be on no petty s— like that man but if that’s what you really want then you need to come see me and make sure I don’t get in that mutha—
Who said that?
That’s n— said it, I don’t got to say no names you know what this here.

Listen to the full interview below.

[Philly’s Morning Show with Shamara and Laiya]


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