Christian Keyes To Steve Harvey: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Christian Keyes To Steve Harvey: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Christian Keyes Calls Out Steve Harvey

Christian Keyes is calling out Steve Harvey. The 41-year-old actor and model recently took to social media, addressing Harvey’s controversial comments about Flint, Michigan. As previously reported, the comedian and radio host came under fire for telling a caller to “enjoy your nice brown glass of water”, following a debate over the basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals loss to Golden State Warriors. Questioning Harvey’s statements, states,

Nine thousand cases of lead poisoning. Three and four year olds out there who haven’t started speaking yet because the lead has left them disabled to a certain extent. They have not been able to develop properly.

He continued,

We supported you through a lot of stuff. If you did a show in Flint, guaranteed people would come out by the thousands spending money they don’t even have to come see and support you to take their minds off what they are going through. And you on there cracking jokes about the dirty polluted water telling the Flint native “enjoy his glass of brown dirty water” You should be ashamed of yourself. You set an terrible example.

Keyes ended his criticism with:

I know accidents happen. This is a perfect time for you to lift up that heavy ass mustache you yours and apologize to the city of Flint. Have some class man. Message!
Let’s see if he is man enough to make right what he did wrong to the city of Flint.

See the clip.

-By Keke Waldon

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