My Beach Booty Is Better Than Yours! Serena Williams Serves Sex & Muscle On Miami Beach

Serena Williams and a friend take a dip in the ocean in Miami Beach

Summertime fine in the spring! Serena Williams stays tight 365 days a year. The 32-year-old proves that she is in tip-top shape. We caught her on Miami Beach, making the sand even jealous with her toned bikini body. Joined by a girlfriend, she was spotted joking while enjoying the ocean.

Serena Williams and a friend take a dip in the ocean in Miami Beach

Serena has made it clear that she works hella hard to eat right and stay fit. In her May cover story in FITNESS magazine she shared that southern food is her biggest vice. She explains:

 I love Southern food. I don’t try to eat healthy when I’m in South Carolina for the Family Circle Cup tournament. I eat shrimp and grits with butter on top, fried chicken, and, oh, do I eat the fried hush puppies! And the banana pudding — mmm, mmm, mmm! I let myself go that whole week and then another week after that.

serena williams fitness magazine 2014-the jasmine brand

The sister of famous champ Venus Williams says she refuses to use the word ‘diet’ and doesn’t really do ‘cheat days’ to indulge:

I can’t take cheat days too often because my cheat days are usually cheat months! But diet is a bad word. I always say it’s a lifestyle change, because if you call it that, you won’t want those fried hush puppies. Clearly I haven’t completed my lifestyle change! But I’m trying, I’m really trying.

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