[VIDEO] Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Explains Why Monogamy Isn’t Realistic

Chad Johnson  

Chad Johnson is an interesting character and Nitecap host Peter Bailey has made it his quest to reveal that. Bailey heads to Ochocinco’s home to talk more about monogamy and get the football players thoughts on it. In a lengthy two-part docu series, the two sit and discuss everything from Scandal, power, and the women who hurt Chad to the one who seems to have gotten away. Check out a few excerpts from it and then press play to watch it in full.


Waking up to Evelyn everyday:

If there was a woman that I would love to deal with for the rest of my life, that I would love to wake up to for the rest of my life, I could have been 85 years old, I would love to wake up to that individual—I would cry about that too.

Why women like Kim Kardashian are winning:

It doesn’t matter how good she is, he’s going to do his thing anyway.

How to attract the “right guy”:

When you have all these standards do you know what comes with the type of guy that you want?

Chad Johnson NiteCap

On Scandal and Being Mary Jane:

Pay attention to the movies your watching. Scandal, Being Mary Jane; this is stuff that’s going on. They aren’t coming up with these stories or scripts. This is real life, there are not scripts, very few people get that movie like ending in reality. Half of us are chasing something different, ‘I’ve got to have the baddest chick on my arm,’ well the baddest chick on your arm is only dealing with you as long as your plate is full. Let your plate tip over, that plate run out; she ain’t going to help you cook, she’s on to the next one.

What women are attracted to:

Women are attracted to power, woman are attracted to fame. Show me the woman that’s willing to deal with Joe Blow that’s willing to work at Kmart. Most people are attracted to the baddest and its not changing and it was like that when we were little eggs swarming around an its not changing.

Watch the full conversation below.
Part 1

Part 2

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels