Viral Sensation Andrew Caldwell Shades Patti Pies Break-Out Star James Wright Chanel

James Wright Chanel, Andrew Caldwell

Viral Sensation Andrew Caldwell Shades Patti Pies Break-Out Star James Wright Chanel

Andrew Caldwell is definitely far from shy when it comes to expressing himself. The Internet personality who was made famous by a video that went viral where he proclaimed he was delivered from homosexuality, took to social media to share his thoughts on social media viral sensation James Wright Chanel’s wardrobe after a recent performance.

James shared a video on his Instagram page with the caption,

It Could Of Been Me. Or You… @yoyofearless.


In the video you can hear his incredible vocal skills. Andrew seemed to be throwing a bit of shade at James and left a comment under the post writing:

You look hot @jameswrightchanel should I take you to @Neiman’s and buy you some summer clothes.

This comment didn’t sit well with James and he fired back at Andrew writing,

 when your performing you make sure you on point in the heat the cold the snow whatever. I’m a real entertainer with a gift so on stage if we are hot we deal with it. But you wouldn’t know that because you don’t step on a stage. But if you wanna donate I do have a cash app.

He replied to James comment saying,

 not today I’m broke.

Fans and followers showed James so much love for his amazing performance and left words of encouragement for the internet sensation. One follower left a comment under his post saying,

Click To Purchase Your Tickets

Click To Purchase Your Tickets

we love you keep doing positive things, & keep on getting your blessings.

Another follower also left a positive comment under the post saying,

Love it xoxo your energy is sooo positive… #SingJames @jameswrightchanel”.

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Andrew Caldwell

However, a few followers clapped back at Andrew about his comments regarding James wardrobe. One follower stated that,

 oh I know you lying missionary Caldwell so you trolling ppl offering things you yourself can’t even afford..

Another follower was not for Andrew taking shots at James and left this comment under the post.

 On here tryna shade James when he’s living the life YOU DESPERATELY tryna live….Go live from the Essence festival you claim you at!

Back in 2015, Chanel beame an internet sensation when a video of him tasting Patti LaBelle’s famous Sweet Potato Pies went viral. The video was published on YouTube and was received millions of views on social media. During an interview with theGrio, he opened up about the Patti Pie mania and the impact he had on Wal-Mart’s revenue from sales of the famous pie.

I feel that it’s awesome. I’m glad that they gave me the credit and said that I was responsible for it. I just feel that God will use you to bless other people, and feel that’s what he did.

In December of that year, James appeared on the cooking channel alongside the legendary singer in a holiday food special. He stated that he had a ball and enjoyed taping with Patti.

We’re cooking pies… different types of pies for the holidays. It was a lot of fun on set. Laughing, singing, and a even segment with crying.

By: Kina Lenee Gladney

Authored by: Kellie Williams