John Legend Denies Being A Hypocrite After Photo Of Him W/ Harvey Weinstein Resurfaces 

John Legend Denies Being A Hypocrite After Photo Of Him W/ Harvey Weinstein Resurfaces

Singer and father John Legend responded to fault-finders who are calling him out: following the resurfacing of a photo, which includes Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen, posing with convicted sexual assaulter Harvey Weinstein.

Last Thursday (Jan. 3), the Lifetime network aired the docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly,” which detailed the accounts of survivors from Kelly’s alleged years of domestic and sexual abuse; along with, former employee’s of Kelly, music/pop culture journalists, and celebrities in support of the Mute R. Kelly Movement like, Charlamagne Tha God and John Legend.

Following the full airing (ended Jan. 5, 2019) of the six-part docu-series, the photo resurfaced. A social media user shared the photo previously mentioned, questioning him about his participation with Weinstein.

@johnlegend please explain?? I dont remember you publicly denouncing this man!!! @cthagod

Legend responded,

I took a photo with and worked with Harvey on several occasions before his abuse was known to me and the rest of the world. Since his being exposed, his company and career have rightfully been destroyed and he’s been indicted. Sounds like something that should happen to R. Kelly.


If y’all wanna cape for R and discount all these women’s stories, just say it. Don’t bring up some old pics of me and somebody else…Weinstein has been exposed. His career is destroyed, he’s ostracized from the business  and will never make a movie again. He’s charged with sexual assault and is awaiting trial. If you want the same for R, then great! Me too.


When being accused of collaborating on a track with Kelly, Legend replied:

Please show me the songs I made with him. Google really hard. They don’t exist. We have never collabed. Ever.

He lastly clarified why he participated with the “Surviving R. Kelly” series,

No one asked me to be in a Harvey doc. I’m friends with the #SurvivingRKelly director and several protestors in the #MuteRKelly movement so I had a personal connection and agreed to appear. I don’t just go around interviewing for every exposé. This is dumb.


Authored by: Andre Palmer