[EXCLUSIVE] Kyla Pratt Talks ‘Recovery Road’, Flex & Shanice’s New Reality Show + If She’d Ever Slap Her Mother


Kyla Pratt‘s Hollywood resume continues to grow. In addition to playing the role as the 20 something college student, Crystal Whitmore, on  BET‘s Let’s Stay Together, she’s landed a new gig. During a recent interview, theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent Smith chatted with her about new project for ABC Family, her opinion on old cast-mates Flex and Shanice‘s new reality show and under what circumstances would she agree to slap her mother!

thejasmineBRAND: Tell us about your new pilot for Recovery Road.

Well, I’m doing a pilot right now for ABC family called ‘Recovery Road’. It’s basically about a bunch of different people from different places meeting up and living in a rehab facility trying to get their life together. I’m so excited.


thejasmineBRAND: How do you feel about Flex and Shanice’s new reality show?

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta