[VIDEO] Master P Apologizes to Wife On Wendy Williams: I’m not mad at her. I love her.

master p apologizes to wife on wendy williams show the jasmine brand

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Today (July 23rd), Master P (real name Percy Miller) visited the Wendy Williams Show, to discuss the rumors surrounding his estranged wife and family, upcoming reality show and movie.

Before Wendy and Master P spoke about anything, Wendy told him “Percy, I am not mad at you,” he replied, “Me neither.” “Well where did all this madation come from, where did this all start,” Wendy asked. Later on the show, Wendy told Mater P that she was talking on her show about the rumors surrounding his reality show and Sonya. Mater P said “Ive never been in this kind of situation, I’ve never been a ‘Hot Topic’, never! So its like kinda different, I’ve been trying to do the right thing.” He then talked about how he didn’t see the show that day but “the hood called me and you know Wendy, when you say something it gets everywhere.”

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Master P was very open when talking about his current situation with his wife Sonya saying,

Well I think, people got