NBA Baller Matt Barnes Feels Judged & Overly Criticized: So many critics with no credentials!

matt barnes-the jasmine brand Matt Barnes (34) recently shared some insight on how he feels about the public’s perception of him. The LA Clippers small forward, who has done a stint on reality TV (his estranged wife Gloria Govan was on Basketball Wives for 3 seasons and some change), recently posted a lengthy Instagram message venting about critics, media and more.

He starts off by sharing just how much he sacrifices (in terms of his personal and family time) as a professional athlete:

Yall really think you know me, but to keep it real you hv no clue…! Just know whether you hate me or love me……. I’m always gonna land on my feet.. I love all my fans, the fans that appreciate & respect the hard work & time we put in, all the school plays & sporting events we miss out on in our children’s lives..

2nd Annual Athletes vs. Cancer Celebrity Flag Football Game at Granada Hills Charter High School in Granada Hills on September 7, 2014

We get paid well, but we are still human just like you.. We can’t call into work when we’re sick, we hv to play, when we lose family members we don’t hv time to morn, we hv to play, when we lose our families & don’t get to see our kids for days at a time, we can’t go hide & cry, we get paid to entertain, so we get on that court …

Acknowledging that his life is up for public consumption, he continues:

My life is played out in front of the world.. My life is your entertainment, you see sh*t on