Celebrity Dopeness: Actor Romany Malco Gives Back to Detroit Teens

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Romany Malco may have been known for being a player in “Think Like A Man,” but his passion for helping young people is not a game. The 45year-old has been using his time outside of acting to help youth who are less fortunate. While visiting Detroit, the “Weeds” star looked to his Instagram and Twitter for suggestions on non-profit organizations to visit and volunteer with.

With the goal to visit as many non-profit organizations as possible, there was a flood of over 800 comments of suggested organizations to visit in the Motor City, according to MLive.com.

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Malco visited a non-profit called “Boys Hope, Girls Hope,” “The Covenant House,” and “Wolverine Humane Services“–three non profit organizations aimed towards helping troubled teens–from providing safe homes or helping teens develop through development programs.