Boosie Hosts Hilarious Magic Show For Kids

Boosie Hosts Hilarious Magic Show For Kids

Rapper Boosie Bad Azz celebrated Christmas with all ten of his children this year, and kept them entertained in a creative way! He had a magician come to his home and give the family their own personal magic show. Boosie even gave us a sneak peek of the action by streaming it on his Instagram Live. The magician dressed up in a festive “ugly Christmas sweater” suit ensemble. But that didn’t distract from his outrageous magic tricks! One of them included turning a dove into a piece of Popeye’s fried chicken!

Boosie has always had an unorthodox approach to parenting. Social media users recently criticized the Louisiana native for the amount of junk food he kept in his kitchen for his children.

Prior to that, he offered his son fellatio from a “bad b*tch” in celebration of his birthday.

And many of us will never forget his daughter’s welcome home video when he was released from prison.

Boosie Bad Azz certainly allows his children to express themselves freely! Merry Christmas, Boosie and family!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay