Keyshia Cole on Estranged Husband: I Told Him, ‘I Hope You Really Find That Woman and be Good to Her’

The Breakfast Club

Keyshia Cole is on the road to emotional recovery. After the whirlwind of her romance to husband, Daniel Gibson came crashing down, she took her heartbreak to wax. Now she’s on the point of no return, literally and figuratively. She’s heading on tour promoting her new album Point of No Return and her marriage to her husband is over with no signs of reconciliation—at least on her part. Stopping by ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Keyshia put her business on the table to talk about her impending divorce to her child’s father and cheating.

Keyshia Cole The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club: He says he’s not filing divorce papers?

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels