V. Stiviano Announces 4-Year-Old Daughter, Hints Donald Sterling Fathered Their Child

vstiviano announces 4 year old daughter madison-hints donald sterling as father-the jasmine brand

Someone is playing reindeer games!

V. Stiviano is keeping us entertained. Last night, the woman who was responsible for exposing racist comments by Donald Sterling, gained some new attention via an Instgram post. V posted a photo of a little a girl, announcing to her followers that she has a 4-year-old daughter, named Madison. What made the PSA even more interesting is the location was listed:

DNA Paternity Testing Los Angeles 1-800-559-8585

What’s more? She posted a caption with the photo, but later deleted it.  In the caption, she hints that the child’s father has an association with the Los Angles Clippers organization. See her, I‘m 5 Seconds From Outting You, Instagram message on the next page.