Meek Mill Wants A Woman To Spit In His Mouth

Meek Mill

Meek Mill Explains What He Means When He Wants A Woman To Spit In His Mouth

Meek Mill claims he got flak with one of his bars on his song titled “On Me” off his new album “Championships.” With the track featuring Cardi B, he lets listeners into his erotic side,

We got them birds in a drought / I caught a plaque and they hittin’ it raw / This life I’m living be trippin’ me out ’cause I just let a famous b*tch spit in my mouth

Meek Mill

Meek received mix reactions about the rhyme, and teased fans on Twitter Monday as he attempted to add clarity.

Come spit in my mouth baby!!!!

It’s like a drool while you kissing not the spit y’all thinking about

This why I had to get off Twitter last time I went too far mannnnnn

Fans are rebranding the rapper as Freek Mill for his recent sexual requests.

Does Meek have the right to express his sexual side or should he keep his bars about sex, money, and PTSD? Let us know in the comments.

Authored by: Andre Palmer