[EXCLUSIVE] Jay Z, Rick Ross & Dr. Dre – Win Legal Battle Against Gospel Group

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theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, the judge stated in the order that neither Universal Music, Jay-Z, Rick Ross or Dr. Dre can be held liable for copyright infringement because the gospel group signed away their rights to the song back in 1976.

Further, the judge says that while Shepherd and Weary may have wrote the song with the intention to create spiritually uplifting music and hoped their music would continue to be used in that context, the agreement they signed doesn’t state anything about it not being able to be sampled in songs like “3 Kings”.

The order says that the rappers used the sample with full permission by the true copyright owner, Universal Music, and thus the lawsuit is dismissed forever and the gospel group is awarded NOTHING from their legal action. Take a listen to both 3 Kings and “I’m So Grateful (Keep in Touch)”. 

Three Kings


I’m So Grateful

Read the EXCLUSIVE Court Documents.

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