RHOA’s New Season Makes Bravo History + Kandi Burruss Defends Her Home Against Kim Zolciak

Sunday evening, reality TV junkies tuned in for Season 5 of The Real Houswives of Atlanta. One of the larger story lines of episode 1 was Kim Zolciak’s forthcoming eviction and Kandi Burruss purchasing a new home with (boyfriend Todd Tucker). During the episode, Kandi shows off her new home to Kim and Kim’s assistant Sweetie. In short, Sweetie and Kim had some not-so-nice things to say about the propert (noting that the neighborhood was a bit sketch, it needed to much remodeling, etc.). Fast forward to the present day and Kandi has responded to Kim and Sweetie’s snide comments about buying a home ‘in the hood’. Here’s an excerpt:

Well now that I got them out of the way, let me get to myself and Kim because I got a million tweets about this tonight. When Kim came by the house with Sweetie, I was offended by some of the things she and Sweetie said. Kim said Sweetie told her she needed to lock her doors when she got off of my exit, because I lived in the hood. I was very irritated by that, because I was thinking, “Where the f— do you live, Sweetie?” There were even more things said that rubbed me the wrong way as well, like, “I didn’t even know they had houses like this over here. They must’ve just recently fixed it up.” Or “Wow, this is nice. I wasn’t expecting this AT ALL.” Or when I showed them the in-ground jacuzzi room, one of them said, “Oh you meant a real jacuzzi! When you mentioned you had a jacuzzi room, I didn’t know you meant a real Jacuzzi, I thought you were talking about a jacuzzi tub.” I was like what the hell would I mention a jacuzzi tub for? Oh I can’t forget this one! At one point I found myself defending my side of town and said, “There are a lot of wealthy people that live in this area,” and Sweetie said, “Like drug dealers.” I wasn’t feeling it at all. Sweetie explained that she grew up on the north side of town, and she said that she heard my side of town was dangerous. In my opinion, the stuff that Sweetie says to Kim adds to the whole racist theory people have about Kim. If Kim has a black friend that feeds her bullsh– that certain areas of town are “hood” or “ghetto,” then that’s what she’s going to run with.

What do you think of Kandi’s response? Is it possible that Kandi was overly sensitive about Kim’s comments about her home? And in non-housing news, RHOA’s first episode on Sunday broke record numbers. Bravo TV Ratings has reported:

When RHoNJ premiered their fourth season on April 22nd, 2012 and grabbed 2,957,000 viewers they exceeded by 61,000 from Season 4?s RHoA, the previous record for the highest rated Real Housewives premiere audience. Sadly the New Jersey wives didn’t get to keep that record for long, as Nene Leakes & crew stormed back last night with their fifth season premiere, netting a new Housewives record of 3,200,000 viewers, of which over 2m of those were in the key advertiser demographic of viewers aged 18-49 years.