Actress YaYa DaCosta Reacts To Instagram Bullies Who ‘Sit Their Ass*s On Couches & Spit Venom’

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The social media pressures seem to be getting to actress Yaya DaCosta Alafia. Since news hit that she’d be playing the lead role for the Whitney Houston biopic, she’s been receiving lots of praise and lots of criticism. And similar to other celebrities, while it’s easy for negative comments to be ignored, sometimes the negativity can get a bit overwhelming.

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The XX-year-old America’s Next Top Model alum took to her Instagram page, venting about why she no longer wants to participate on this platform. She wrote:

Although I’m a private person by nature, I reluctantly heeded the advice of seemingly knowledgeable socialistas who insist that these outlets- Instagram, Twitter etc.- are the new way. “Connect with your fans”, they say. So I swam out of my cozy cave a little, shared a little, held hands a little- only to have those hands of strangers squeeze and pull and punch. They steal your