Kanye West Denies Kicking Kids Out of Chuck-E Cheese: I’m tryna stay off carbs — I’m not even eating pizza! [AUDIO]

Kanye West

Kanye West

We love when celebrities set the record straight — especially when it’s a story that sounds completely outrageous. For example, this week, there were unconfirmed reports that Kanye West had nearly 60 kids kicked-out of a Los Angeles Chuck-E Cheese, so that North could enjoy the place by herself.

According to ‘Ye, this is completely untrue. This week, he called into Hot 97, flat out denying the entire story.

I haven’t even been to Chuck-E Cheese…It’s like this constantly thing a celebrity being used as a punching bag…When I walk up to people, they’ll say, ‘Wow you’re like nice!’ Like Im walking around turning over furniture every where I go…Maybe a lot of people — can misunderstand my passion as being overly aggressive.

kim kardashian rents out staples center-birthday-the jasmine brand

Kanye, who celebrated his 38th birthday playing basketball with his friends at Staples Center, added:

First of all, they should be paying me to even say they name…We rents out the whole stadium — we not going to be kicking out nobody’s kids … I’m tryna stay off of carbs, I’m not even eating pizza! What Imma do at Chuck-E Cheese?!


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta