[INTERVIEW] Mimi Faust Opens Up About Nikko’s Secret Wife, Red Flags & Is She Concerned About Stevie J’s Alleged Drug Use?

Mimi Faust: No I’ve never met his wife.
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theJasmineBRAND.comEngagement Rumors. I think I heard maybe 6 months ago, that Nikko had proposed and you 2 were engaged. Any truth to that?
Mimi Faust: No, I couldn’t be engaged. He’s married.
theJasmineBRAND.comLooking back, did you see any red flags?
Mimi Faust: Um, the wife would call an awful lot and when I would ask him about it he would say that’s an ex, their still friends, they didn’t have a bad break-up like Stevie and I and they still communicate would be his response but yea, she did call him a lot and refer to her as his ex.
theJasmineBRAND.comWhat’s the status of your relationship?
Mimi Faust: No we’re not together, there’s no relationship, there’s no status.
theJasmineBRAND.comIs there any way you could forgive him?
Mimi Faust: I can forgive him and I can forget that. I’ll probably never trust him again but I can forgive that and move on.
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theJasmineBRAND.comCan we talk about this sex tape a bit? You shared with your cast mates and friends you shot new footage. Can you explain?
Mimi Faust: As far as the tape is concerned, the tape and bag was stolen and I don’t know, that bag did not come off the plane so I really cannot point my finger at him 100%. Yes, the footage that Vivid Entertainment had was a tape that Nikko and I made that was the one we did in privacy and the one that was out of our possession and Vivid received the tape  and now that I know how this works, it has to be certain amount of minutes to sell the tape and what they had was not. So, they required additional footage for it to be a certain amount of minutes. Initially, they had us by ourselves trying to get them the additional footage but it wasn’t they needed to sell and we did this twice on our own…So, they had to send it in to get what they needed, that’s where that came from and this was after we had both signed on, agreed to and everything else. They said we need that, we need this, I was under contract and we had to give them what they needed at that point.
Music producer Stevie J dines out with his wife at Mr.Chow in Beverly Hills, CA
theJasmineBRAND.comAre you still convinced Joseline and Stevie aren’t really married?
Mimi Faust: They’re not, no.
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theJasmineBRAND.comI know your daughter spends time with Stevie and Joseline. Are you concerned at allegations that they do drugs? Have you ever heard that?
Mimi Faust: Yes, that’s a huge concern of mine, and as far as my understanding and what I know is that when my daughter is with her father, Joseline is not present most of the time, she’s either out of town or something to that nature. I’ve had several conversations with him about Joseline being around my daughter for the simple that if Joseline can’t and  does not respect the mother, I really don’t want her around my child. Stevie is a good dad, but there’s two sides to him and yes, that is a huge concern of mine.
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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta