‘P-Valley’ Ups 3 Actors To Series Regulars As Production For New Season Kicks Off

‘P-Valley’ Ups 3 Actors To Series Regulars As Production For New Season Kicks Off

Good news for fans of “P-Valley”!

The countdown for when the Starz series will be back on your screen has officially started as production has kicked off in Atlanta. Based on content shared online by some of the show’s cast, it looks like filming started sometime last week.

P-Valley” first premiered on July 12, 2020, and it quickly became a fan favorite. Only two weeks after its debut, the world learned the series was picked up for another go around. Season two came in June of 2022 and in October of that year, the series was renewed, once again, for a third season.

According to new reports, the upcoming season will see some familiar faces get much more screen time. Gail Bean (Roulette), Bertram Williams Jr. (Woddy), and Thomas Q. Jones (Mane) have all been tapped to extend their workload this year and are now series regulars. In addition, actress Mea Wilkerson has been added to the main cast and will play Haiku. One report describes the character as,

“an enigmatic new dancer who thrives on chaos, finding solace in the messy choices that ignite her spirit and remind her what it means to truly feel alive.”

Mea Wilkerson

Last week Brandee Evans (Mercedes Woodbine) shared images on Instagram of “P-Valley” cast members’ return to set. She captioned the pics,

“We’re working y’all. Season 3”

See what people had to say about the behind-the-scenes pictures below:

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel