Online Boutique of the Week: Sorella Boutique

Founder, Owner Heather Sanders

Founder, Owner Heather Sanders

This week’s Online Boutique of the Week is Sorella Boutique. According to the site, Sorella Boutique began when founder and owner Heather Sanders moved from Dallas to Los Angeles to be with her fiance’ Rapper “King Trell”. She woke up one day with an idea to start her own online boutique, naming it “Sorella” which means “Beautiful Sister”.

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Heather continued thinking about launching her boutique, but spent much of her time traveling with her fiance and his brother, who is rapper Tyga. While traveling she learned more about fashion and her motivation escalated. She discovered that many cities were behind on fashion and she had a strong desire to launch the Boutique online to allow girls and women like herself to have access to fashion, a taste of her style and the opportunity to be fly. Reportedly, since her launch, she has accumulated a massive social media following and sales of close to a million dollars. Recently, she did an interview on BET’s “Just KeKe”.

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