Man Sues TV One Over Accusations He Murdered His Lover

The show hired an actor to portray Jefferson and stated that he was the romantic partner and also main suspect in Barnes-Copeland’s murder. The re-enactment also featured Jefferson’s character becoming jealous that Barnes-Copeland after she broke up with him and reuniting with an ex.

The show then focused on the dead woman’s family attempting to hunt down Jefferson, believing he was the killer. It also showed a cousin of the murdered woman showing up to a recording studio where Jefferson was, which lead to an altercation where police were called. The show talked about how Jefferson also tried to evade the police by hiding out but was eventually arrested and incarcerated.

However, Jefferson explains that in real life the killer was arrested 2-3 weeks after the murder  and it WASN’T him. He says the show knew this during and after production of the episode.

He is filing suit for slander and for the show making false accusations. He says he never evaded police, never was arrested for the murder and was not with the woman on the night of the murder.

Jefferson explains the show didn’t do it’s research and willfully made reckless statements that were NOT true,  despite the show stating it is based on true events.

He is demanding $550K from the network and an injunction from the show ever airing again on the network. [Editor’s NoteAccording to the United States Justice Department, in 2012, a man named Shawn Davis was sentenced to 18 years for the murder.]

Read the EXCLUSIVE Court Documents

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