Dame Dash Threatens Lawsuits, Exposes Lawyer & Former Accountant: Beware of Cowards!

Dame Dash Threatens Lawsuits, Exposes Lawyer-Former Accountant-the jasmine brand

Dame Dash is using his Instagram to expose whom he considers is a culture vulture. According to Dash, a lawyer by the name of Donnel Surares is unethical, cowardly gentle man who takes advantage of women. Posting a photo of Surares, Dame writes about him:

Beware of cowards like this he is a lawyer name donnel surares he takes advantage of weak woman and makes money off wasting time and separating family’s so he can feed his own…he is the worst kind of culture vulture he straight up told me he is only here to take my money to feed his family I’m def gonna sue him and I hope it will be in the paper because I’m going to make an example out of him…I’m sick of dudes that get paid by others dudes by