(INTERVIEW) Tami Roman Talks New Spin-Off, Rumors & Why Basketball Wives Miami Ended (Part 2)

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While all seems to be well in Tami Roman’s personal life (in an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, she introduces us to her new boyfriend, Reggie), things are progressing in her professional life as well. [Click here to watch part 1 of our interview.] In part two of our conversation, Tami updates us on her scripted (EXTANT) and non-scripted work (she’s working on a spin-off). She also reveals why Basketball Wives (Miami) never returned and what her relationship is like with her former cast mates. Tami also addresses pesky rumors about her weight loss, cosmetic work  and sexuality.

Watch the full interview and read a few excerpts.

Part 1

Part 2

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theJasmineBRAND.com: You’ve been keeping busy. I’ve been keeping up with you online. I saw you a few times on EXTANT. How was that experience?

Tami Roman: It was probably the best experience I’ve had in the scripted world outside of the time I worked with Courtney Cox, who was amazing as well. Going into it I thought Halle would be one of those ______ type of chicks, but she was so pleasant and so humble and very nurturing. They got picked up for a second season, I don’t know how valuable my character is within the new storyline. I play her best friend and neighbor so that character may continue or not.

theJasmineBRAND.com: I want to ask you this because I’ve been watching this subject on other shows. As a reality star, you’ve worked in both scripted and non-scripted. Do you find in Hollywood when you audition you have a more difficult time or people may look at you a certain way because you’ve been in reality?

Tami Roman: I think that most of the casting directors that know me and are familiar with me know me as an actress. So it’s just basically going back to scripted. The new people are kind of like “Oh she’s a reality star,” and don’t really know my history. That’s sometimes challenging. The old casting directors that I’ve worked for before–they know what I’m capable of.

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theJasmineBRAND.com: We miss seeing you on Basketball Wives. How has life changed professionally in terms of your career since that show?

Tami Roman: I have just been more focused on the businesses I have. Doing the entrepreneur thing–running the hair line and the jewelry and all of the things I’ve got going. But I’ve been Mommy. I’ve been focused on Tami, my health and stuff like that and a relationship. I’ve finally decided to give time to that.

theJasmineBrand.com: If the opportunity presented itself would you do Basketball Wives L.A. here?

Tami Roman: I think L.A. is going good. I don’t think they really need me in their situation. I don’t want to catch no cases. You can change but the inner workings of you sometimes–people can push those things. I think they are good the way they are. I would love to see Miami come back with a All-Star version, you know? Bring Jen back, bring Royce back, bring–you know–the starters and some of the heavy hitters that came later and put us all together.

theJasmineBRAND.com: What happened with the show? Did you all not want to come back or some didn’t? Did they say this show is over?