Lifetime ‘Aaliyah’ Movie Garners Overwhelming Backlash + What Are YOUR Thoughts? [WATCH the Full Movie]

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It was a rough night for Aaliyah The Princess of R&B. On Saturday night, Lifetime aired the biopic which told the life story of the worldwide-famous singer, actress and model who first rose to stardom at age 15 and was later killed in a plane crash.

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Starring Alexandra Shipp (as Aaliyah), with Elise Neal, Clé Bennett and Christopher Jacot, the two hour made for TV movie took fans on a swift journey to stardom. From the inception of the film, there was resistance from a few essential parties. For starters, the late singer’s family felt like her story should have been told in theaters. Aaliyah’s family publicly stated that they did not support the movie, nor did they authorize any music for inclusion.

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Alexandra Shipp, Wendy Williams

Others, like talk show host Wendy Williams who executive produced the film, felt that TV was a perfect fit, providing a wider audience.

Saturday night, we sifted, dug and snooped on social media to check the pulse of what folk thought about the biopic. Some were complimentary of Alexandra’s performance in the film.

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Meanwhile, other’s weren’t pleased with what they saw. Music producers Missy Elliott and Timbaland, both of whom were instrumental in Aaliyah’s early career, said the movie did not have their support.