Janay Rice In Her Own Words: He spit at me and I slapped him. + Ray Rice Releases Statement After Reinstatement

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Janay Rice, the wife of NFL’er Ray Rice, is opening up about the controversy that has surrounded the couple since February 2014. As you know, fans, sports lovers and spectators were shocked when footage leaked of what appeared to be a domestic violence altercation between them.

Since the incident both have held a press conference and Janay has used Instagram to voice her frustrations. But for the first time, Janay is revealing what she claims went down that unfortunate night.

For starters, she says that alcohol was absolutely involved. She explains what she believes triggered the knock-out blow on the elevator. Janay also voice her frustration at times with the public and the NFL.

Read a few excerpts of her account of what happened, with EPSN.

There was something different about that day. The two of us were just off, starting that morning. I was annoyed because it was Valentine’s Day and Ray and one of his friends had planned a group trip to Atlantic City, while I had wanted to do something with just the two of us.

I was going to surprise Ray at the hotel with a couples massage, but the manager spoiled the surprise by calling Ray to confirm the time, instead of checking with me. From that moment on I was annoyed with everything, but I continued to act as if I was fine. We weren’t even in Atlantic City yet and nothing seemed to be going right.


After a silent, three-hour car ride we arrived at the hotel, where everything seemed to be much better. There were two other couples hanging out with us — Ray’s brother and his girlfriend, plus another couple we’d become close to in Baltimore. All of us went to dinner, and then met up again later at the club inside of the Revel Casino. We were drinking and having a good time. The six of us shared two to three bottles of liquor, which we also shared with a few fans who came up to us.

After the club, our friends from Baltimore, Ray and I decided to go to the late-night restaurant in the casino. Ray and I were bickering. We were drunk and tired and while I know that some people may find it hard to believe, none of the six of us can remember exactly what Ray and I were arguing about. It was that insignificant.

As we were arguing, he was on his phone and not looking at me. I went to reach for his phone, and when he grabbed it back, he spit at me and I slapped him.