[VIDEO] Selita Ebanks Speaks Candidly About Break-Up With E!’s Terrence J

Selita Ebanks on The BReakfast Club

The ‘girl’ that was discovered at Six Flags and became a model (yep she was scouted at age 17 by Elite Model Management), Selita Ebanks, is doing more than walking down a runway these days. This week, the 30-year-old supermodel stopped by Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club chatting about her new acting gig on BET’s ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood‘, along with her love life (she’s dated two famous men in the industry, E!’s Terrence J and Nick Cannon, who she was engaged to) and philanthropy work. Check out some of our favorite parts of the interview, while she sat in the hot seat.

Selita Ebanks

On Her New Show, Celebrity Grounds:

Celebrity Grounds is a new show that I’m executive producing and hosting. We got a NBC distribution deal and now we are on Kickstarter trying to raise a million dollars. We already put in 900k of our own money and we could’ve went the traditional way and got backers but the problem with that is you don’t own it anything. They take full control and you just become the face on TV and we want to own it….It is a make over show, if you think MTV Cribs meets Home Makeover with a splash of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. So I’m going to go up in all these celebrity houses, dig in their fridge, try on their shoes, if they have any couture, I’m taking the couture home [laughs]. It’s just a really fun show we’re putting together and the great thing is that the celebrity will show us a space, their bathroom, kitchen, man cave they want to do over and Contractor Kizer is going to come in and take it to a-whole-nother level. At the same time the celebrity has to be involved in somewhat of their reconstruction.

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On her relationship and engagement to Nick Cannon:

That was a long time ago, I was very young, he was young, everything happens for a reason. It taught me a lot especially with media because y’all were very brutal, I was called everything under the sun just for getting engaged. But I was very young and it was a lesson that I needed to learn to help me develop very thick skin, so now I just don’t give a sh*t.

On if it was awkward working with Nick on ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’:

Absolutely not. If anything I admire him greatly because he works so hard. I’m just happy to be there in front of the company of great actors.

The Jasmine Brand-Selita Ebanks

On her break-up with E!’s Terrence J:

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