Chris Rock on President Obama: “Everybody wanted Michael Jordan, right? We got Shaq.”

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Chris Rock has always been known for his controversial standup routines and comments. This year was no different. After hosting on “Saturday Night Live” and discussing his thoughts on the new World Trade Center—while some laughed–some viewers had a lot to say about the comedian’s routine. In his interview with New York Magazine writer Frank Rich, the “Top Five” star answered honestly on some of the country’s most controversial topics.

Chris believes that sometimes routines of comedians can be misconstrued with the use of social media.

I know Dave Chappelle bans everybody’s phone when he plays a club. I haven’t gone that far, but I may have to, to get an act together for a tour.

The open access of a comedian’s routine can sometimes make or break him/her.

It is scary, because the thing about comedians is that you’re the only ones who practice in front of a crowd. Prince doesn’t run a demo on the radio. But in stand-up, the demo gets out.

While social media can be the demise of a comedian’s career, Rock knows that social media can be the key to a comedian’s next joke.

You got to have the ability to use it as a reference. A lot of the time, the difference between hip and unhip is just reference. We did some sketch the other night on SNL, and in it I tell my wife — actually, we messed it up, but it was better in the dress — anyway, I tell my wife, “Hey, honey, the cab’s here.” Then I look at it again. I go, “You know what? We got to rewrite this.” “Hey, honey, the Uber’s here.” That little difference, it’s a big, big deal.

In the interview, Rock then begins to discuss more controversial and serious issues such as the “big elephant in the room—” income equality.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta