(EXCLUSIVE) Damon Dash Disregards Legal Battle With Curren$y, To Be Hit With 3 Million Judgement

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It appears that music mogul Damon Dash has disregarded his legal battle with Curren$y (real name Shante Scott Franklin). theJasmineBRAND.com has learned that the rapper has headed to court to try and convince them to award him $2.9 million dollars in damages against the Roca Fella Records co-founder.

Reportedly, Dash was sued by Curren$y who claimed he was selling his music without the rights. Curren$y explained the two almost worked out a deal to release music together in 2010 but it fell through. Prior to the deal falling through the rapper and Dash released two albums of his music.

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In the court docs, Curren$y said he eventually signed with Warner Bros. in 2011, but Dash continued to release his music without permission. He said that Dash was ill properly assisting his deal with WB and filed suit demanding an injunction against him for releasing his songs and also $1.5 million in damages he caused him.