Omarosa – Donald Trump Tried To Hit On Me

Omarosa Says Donald Trump Has Tried To Hit On Her

Omarosa Manigault Newman is revealing more alleged shocking details about Donald Trump and it looks like the N-word tape isn’t the only drama in the Oval Office. The former White House aide, who says she has as many as 200 tapes that may contain information about the president and people close to him, has also confessed that he has made passes at her. In an interview with The Joe Madison Show on Sirius/XM, Omarosa was asked if she was ever hit on by the president, to which she answered,


Omarosa To Join Trump White House Staff As Public Liaison

Trump & Omarosa

Amidst the drama following the N-word tapes and Omarosa’s media circuit, Trump has referred to her as a “lowlife” and a “dog”. Many are still finding it hard to sympathize with her, despite still wanting to see her expose the president for being a racist.  Omarosa addressed critics, specifically those of color, who took issues with her working under Trump’s administration.

“I’m sure no one has taken [President Trump] to task for the things he says. You can take me to task for accepting the appointment to the White House, but now there are people sitting there making decisions that affect us with no one who looks like you or me.”

According to Omarosa, it was hard working at the White House. She says,

“It was not luxurious for me sitting there in the White House… I was getting it from all sides.”

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