Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Yung Berg and Masika Reconcile After Domestic Violence Allegations

The stories were just erroneous.

She continues:

It was not an abuse situation. He did not attack me; he did not knock me out. He did not beat me up, none of that happened. He was very drunk. It was to the point where he didn’t really know his bearings. He needs to be focused on getting these charges dropped and getting the drinking under control.

Yung Berg Dating Masika-Love and Hip Hop Hollywood-the jasmine brand

Masika also defends the public’s perception that he is a woman beater:

I feel like the only abuse issue that he has is alcohol abuse. I do feel like he has a drinking issue and that’s the issue at this time. It was not an abusive situation.

Berg was arrested and later released after the incident. He was also fired by Vh1. Anywho, it appears the two have moved past the unfortunate incident.

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