Fox Refers to Jay Z As ‘Former Crack Dealer’, Twitter Reacts

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A recent headline by Fox Nation, has a few questioning the outlet’s motive. Fox did a story about rapper/business mogul Jay Z (real name Shawn Carter) meeting with Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York. The title of the story was, Andrew Cuomo Meets With Former Crack Dealer Jay-Z to Discuss Police Policy.

Some suggest that the term former crack dealer is offensive, as Jay’s accomplishments outshine his previous years — he’s admittedly rapped about selling drugs in his youth. Check out some reactions to Fox’s headline.

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BTW, the story begins:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) did just that when he had a policy meeting on the subject of how cops enforce the laws with hip-hop mogul Jay Z — who earned most of his expertise in crime as a crack dealer.

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It continues:

The rapper built his musical career on songs about his past criminal exploits slinging crack in Brooklyn’s Marcy housing project. One online report lists 187 references to crack or cocaine on his 12 solo albums, including last year’s chart-topping “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” In addition to his rap boasts about drug dealing, his criminal justice experience includes being charged with stabbing people and bashing them on their heads with bottles at his favorite city nightclubs.

Click here to read the full story. Nonetheless, according to the story, Cuomo and Jay discussed a review of the criminal justice system and they can work together to pass a reform package. P.S. Do you find the headline offensive or a painfully accurate description of Jay Z’s past? 

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