Phaedra Parks: Apollo Has Split Personalities + Says She Speaks To Him In Jail Daily [VIDEO]

Phaedra Parks-Talks to Apollo Nida-Husband Daily From Jail-the jasmine brand

Last night (December 21st), Phaedra Parks — along with singer Faith Evans — took her talents to BRAVO’s Watch What Happens Live! In addition to weighing in on her issues with Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mate, Kenya Moore, the southern belle opened up about her troubled marriage. Phaedra shared how uncomfortable it was to watch the denouement of her marriage unfold on television and dealing with Apollo Nida’s unpredictable behavior.

Obviously we’ve seen Apollo on the show become aggressive and he has been, during this time — obviously this was shot, 4/5 months ago — so he’s been up and down..he’s been on an emotional roller coaster…So, he’s been up and down so it’s been quite difficult to deal with….his personality, whichever one shows up…

Phaedra Parks-Watch What Happens Live-husband jail-the jasmine brand

During Sunday’s episode, Phaedra and Apollo had an extremely awkward interaction at a night club. When asked how she felt about the incident, along with Apollo attempting to have a serious conversation with her, she says:

I don’t know if anything was going through my mind….but more so just wondering why he would obviously come to this night club and try to have such a interesting conversation in the midst of all these people….

Phaedra also tells Andy Cohen how she has dealt with explaining to her children about their father’s absence.

Well, of course we have a one-year old….Mr. President is not aware….Ayden definitely knows that he’s in Kentucky and Apollo told him where he was so, he definitely is very aware.

Despite some reports that she and Apollo are staying together, Phaedra remains adamant that they’re heading toward divorce saying they ‘will be amicably dissolving this marriage…

Phaedra also reveals that she talks to Apollo almost daily from jail and that he’s in contact with their two children.

I talk to him at least, if not 5, 6 times a week. If not more…

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