Claudia Jordan Denies Flirting With Kordell Stewart: He’s a friend! [VIDEO]

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There is absolutely nothing going on between Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Claudia Jordan and her cast mate’s (Porsha Williams) ex-husband, Kordell Stewart. If you caught the most recent RHOA episode, you may have been under the impression that some potential romance may be in the near future for Claudia and the ex NFL’er.

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In her recent BRAVO blog post, Claudia says she’s known Kordell for a long time:

It was good to see Kordell, because he’s always been a very nice and classy guy in my presence. I met him around 1998 in Los Angeles at a First Sunday party that I think his teammate Jerome Bettis was hosting. It’s no secret I’m a huge football fan (Go Patriots!), and I actually have worked on a couple of sports shows. One was Fox Sports on a show called 5-4-3-2-1, and I met tons of entertainers and athletes doing that show. Then I did another sports show with John Salley, Hugh Douglas, and Guy Torry called Ballers where we interviewed different sports stars every week and took plenty of photos with them. I also did a show pilot called The Fantasy Show, which was a fantasy football show for ESPN.

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She continues that she respects Kordell and they have always been platonic friends:

My point in mentioning all of this is not to brag about my resume, but to explain that I am a woman into sports — especially football. Kordell was a black quarterback early on when it was a very tough position to get, because some idiots really thought that African Americans weren’t “smart enough” to QB a team. My sports folks will know this was a ridiculous theory that some tried to really perpetuate. With that said, I have the utmost respect for Kordell pushing right past that stereotype and reaching the heights he did as a great quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. So yes, I respect him as an athlete. When we met, I of course knew who he was. We exchanged info, chatted a few times, and became platonic friends. He never