T-Pain Slammed For Supporting Friend XXXTentacion: People Can Grow & Evolve

T-Pain Receives Backlash For Sending Condolences to XXXTentacion

Many celebrities have spoken out and reacted to the murder of Florida rapper, XXXTentacion, including T-Pain.


The “I’m In Love With a Stripper” auto-tuner shared his perspective on Twitter in regards to the passing of the 20-year-old, and since sharing his thoughts, he has received negative-focused questions and comments from his Twitter followers.

On Monday he sent his condolences by writing,

Man, damn X. you JUST turned it around brother. Senseless bro. No reason. We gotta do better man.

Users began to question if Pain was in support of Tentacion’s gruesome acts, he responded by stating,

DONT YOU TALK ABOUT MY PASTOR LIKE THAT!!!! Boy y’all funny. BY NO MEANS AM I DEFENDING X’s ACTIONS but y’all are quick to defend a pastor that just got outta prison because he told God ‘my bad’ come on man. You have every right to not like X but to celebrate his death is lame.

He proceeded to go on a tangent the following Tuesday, elaborating on his point. In one tweet, he stated,

Just think Any 20yo you know right that’s doing the worst shit, becomes a pastor at 45 and you’re like “well at least he came to terms with his wrong doings from back then” then he starts touching Lil boys like most of these fake niggas in the church is doing. social media cray

He even referenced Gucci Mane. After he returned to society in 2016, social media called him a clone because he turned his life around while be incarcerated. Pain elaborated on his thought writing,

Y’all thought Gucci mane was the worst ni–a alive then he became a better man and y’all said it was a clone. Get your shit together. Ppl can grow and evolve if you give them a chance and don’t kill them beforehand.

Pain even went as far engaging in conversation with users.

Pain tweeted Wednesday a deeper explanation to the point he was trying to make,

For some reason ppl think I’m tryin to promote sympathy for X’s actions. No ma’am. I’m saying don’t celebrate somebody’s death because of what you think you know about them when ppl right next to you (that you love) may very well be doing the same things.

This extended conversation T-Pain has engaged with, even carried to Thursday. The rapper sent out a tweet, hopefully diminishing the any speculation that he would be supporting the slain rapper. He wrote,

Not one time did I try to normalize abuse and I’m also not gonna act like it doesn’t exist outside of celebrities. No persons untimely death should be celebrated. That’s my piece and I’m done with this whole ‘you can’t say that because you’re famous’ shit.

He even shared a video to his Instagram sharing his thoughts about the reaction he received from his Twitter followers. He stated,

It’s some weird shit going on on the Internet. People saying, ‘I seen this shit on the Internet that you posted ni–a, and I need to give you my motherf-ckin’ opinion, ni–a! And when I give you my opinion, shut it up, ni–a!’


He also re-posted an image comparing Maya Angelou and Malcom X to XXXTentacion, considering if they had passed away at 20, the legacy they would have left.


By: CaDarius Booker 


Authored by: TJB Writer