Black-Ball Beef: Lee Daniels & Mo’Nique Exchange Words Over Reverse Racism [VIDEO]

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Mo’Nique says Lee Daniels’ comments that she was blackballed in Hollywood because she is difficult to work with, simply is not true. On Friday, Mo’Nique appeared on CNN, a day after Lee Daniels made his appearance, stating that the reason she wasn’t getting work is because the offers were not sufficient.

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Here’s the backstory. Earlier this month, Mo’Nique did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter stating that Daniels informed her that after she won an Oscar, she was black-balled because she wasn’t ‘playing the game’. Last night (February 26th), Daniels did an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, stating the didn’t use the exact words ‘black-balled’ but did confirm that he believes she was being difficult:

She was making unreasonable demands, and she wasn’t thinking—this was when reverse racism was happening, I think. I told her, ‘You have to thank the producers of the film, you have to thank the studios.’ And I think she didn’t understand that, and I said, ‘People aren’t