Latto Brings Out Stacey Abrams During Recent Concert Stop w/ An Important Message On Voting: If You Believe In My Body, My Choice, I Need Your Vote

Stacey Abrams, Latto

Latto Brings Out Stacey Abrams During Recent Concert Stop w/An Important Message On Voting: If You Believe In My Body, My Choice, I Need Your Vote

Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is pulling out all the stops to share her message on voting.

The Georgia politician appeared on stage during Atlanta rapper Latto’s latest tour stop, urging attendees who care about women’s rights to go vote. Rap star Latto, born Alyssa Stephens, 23, was performing her song “P*ssy” when Abrams came out and gave a short but  “riveting” speech on the importance of voting. The newly grammy nominated artist released the record in response to the US government’s heavily criticized decision to overturn Roe v, Wade earlier this year.

After holding a sign that read “my body, my choice” during the performance, Abrams embraced the young rapper before giving her address. In the short speech, she stated:

“I’m not gonna interrupt your fun. I just want to remind you that if you believe in my body, my choice, I need your vote,”


“This is our time. This is our choice. This is our year! I need your big energy….Let’s get it!”


As the crowd bursts out in celebrations, Abrams left the stage as the rest of the concert continued. With elections coming up next month, Abrams will once again face off against longtime Georgia governor Brian Kemp. Four years ago, the close call Georgia gubernatorial race was one of much controversy, with Abrams accusing Kemp of illegally discounting a significant number votes that ultimately lost her the governors seat. Since then, the Georgian official has continued to double down on voting rights efforts. Her campaign strategy this time around, has focused on Kemp’s support of the recent reversal of the Roe v. Wade act.

The move that has been widely criticized by people worldwide and has made it illegal to get abortions in many states, including Georgia thanks to Kemp. Many celebrities, including Latto, responded via disapproving statements and via their art, condemning the “regressive” move.

Back July, the “Big Energy” rapper spoke about her record “P*ssy”, stating the song is about empowering women. Defending the song from backlash surrounding the explicit name title, Latto tweeted:

“Lmao y’all hear “p*ssy” and get ur panties in a bunch. This song is about empowering women & roe v wade but proceed”


“I AM using my power (platform) to make a change regardless shut yo fake woke a** up what are YOU doing???”

Early voting for coming elections is now open in the state of Georgia until November 8th.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson