Claudia Jordan Defends Amber Rose, Addresses Rumored Body Count + Recalls Being Assaulted At A Drake Party [VIDEO]

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Setting all the catty girl drama straight, Claudia Jordan makes it quite clear how an Atlanta housewife can get down. In a recent interview with Global Grind, the new Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member opens up about her experience on the popular Bravo show along with beefin’ with NeNe Leakes; recalls getting into a physical brawl at a Drake party; and how and why women are slut shamed due to their body count. Peep a few excerpts.

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On how she was able to read Nene Leaks:

Well, I was thinking before I got there like oh my god she’s intimidating. She’s big, she’s loud and she’s been around the longest. I thought it would kind of be like a scary thing but then when I saw her, she as insecurities like everybody else. I had no intentions of starting with anyone. But when you’re mean for no reason, I gots to getcha.

On how some of the girls on the show (RHOA) are bullies:

Yes, they are. And it’s not necessary. I understand that the stakes are higher because it’s a big show and a lot of people watch it. So, you want to have your moment but you can have your moment being funny in other ways.

On how some of her cast members are catty: 

Listen, I’m cool with hanging out. We can do all kinds of fun stuff. I think if you’re clever you’ll be fun and entertaining in that way. You don’t have to go and be mean all the time.

On her status with doing stand up comedy:

I’ve done it. I bombed last night on the show. But I do have redemption on the show. I go back and try it one more time. So I’m going to need you to watch the final episode.

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On why she decided to do comedy after being a personality for so long:

When I was on the Fox Hole (radio show) a lot of our fans would say you should just try it to see. And I’m all about kind of doing things that kind of make me feel uncomfortable. I took this class and it really changed my life. It was like, it encouraged you everyday to do something that took you out of your comfort zone. Because everything you have is because of the result of you doing what’s in your comfort zone. So things you want that you haven’t gotten yet you want to go a little bit outside the bubble. And I’m like why not.

On how she thinks social media is constantly on uproar:

One time I was like falling asleep on a plane and I was just getting to sleep and I heard a little camera go off. The girl next to me like too the picture when I was sleeping.

On how you defended Amber Rose and why women get slut shamed:

I think men want to have their cake and eat it too. Like you want to be able to run through those 5,000 women but then don’t want those women to have numbers. It doesn’t make sense. So how are you able to get those 5,000 women if their not giving it up. Like think about it. My moms from Italy and their a lot less uptight about sex in Europe. And I wish that we would adopt some of that here because I feel like Americans are the biggest freaks. Europeans look at American like, “Oh you want to get a wild girl get an American chick”. But yeah we’re the ones that try to front so much like we don’t do that and we don’t do this. We feel like sex is a bad thing here and it’s not. Sex is a beautiful thing. I mean you shouldn’t give it away to everybody but we all love it. What’s wrong with that? And it does suck if a girls been with a couple of guys that you know of, she’s a slut. But some unknown chick could be getting ran through and nobody knows and nobody cares. How many people do we know of that Ambers been with? Maybe 5, guys do that in a weekend.”

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On Amber Rose being slut shamed:

She’s a target. You know, she’s sexy, she’s curvy, she’s hot and people love to attach women like that. It’s like we got to find something wrong with her. We got to bring her down a notch.

On how she feels about her sexual partners being publicly listed: