Claudia Jordan Defends Amber Rose, Addresses Rumored Body Count + Recalls Being Assaulted At A Drake Party [VIDEO]

First of all, there are a few people on there that I have dated, married to, one that proposed to me. And then it’s like they have about 23 random filler dudes. It’s like if people would take the time and think about it, I am a very visible person. I put everything on social media. Don’t you think you would have seen some of these pictures on my page? And then they put me with people that don’t even exist. One of them is a guy named Sean Billups, NFL. There was never a Sean Billups in the NFL. If you look at that list and you’re like okay that names fake. They say I was with Diddy and then Diddy’s 18 year old adopted son at the time, Quincy. Said I was with Kevin Hart, Tyrese. They just got me with two thirds of TGT. It really hurt me because some of the people on there are married and are friends of mine.

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Her opinion about Tyga and Kylie:

I think if she’s worth waiting for, wait til she’s legal so you can get less people chiming in on your relationship. You know people are so critical. And it’s probably better to just wait until she is of age. Cause he has a lot of club appearances and things that she can’t really get into. And I think that she would want to support her man. So it’s like I understand why people are critiquing it. Plus it’s like a close relationship with the Kardashians and Black Chyna. You know, kind of messy.

On the fight she had during a Drake party:

I have the most random life. So I was married, briefly, and the reason why I got an annulment was because he still had a girlfriend the entire time in Chicago. She always had a lot of hostility towards me because she was with him for like fifteen years and he never married her; he married me after like a couple months. So I’m at the Drake party having fun and I see her mean mugging me and like walking back and forth. And when I went to go say goodbye to the promoter, she came and like hit me with something in the head. It wasn’t a fight, I refuse to fight and especially in public. I’m an adult and I rather, “you know what I’ll leave”. And she got snatched out. They dragged her out. And she got arrested.

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